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Introducing NIO.2 (JSR 203) Part 1: What are new features?

I will write a series of blog to discuss what are the new features introduced in NIO.2 (JSR 203). The NIO.2 implementation is a part of OpenJDK project and we can alreay use it by downloading a copy of OpenJDK binary. In the first entry I will just go through what are these new I/O features of Java 7, which help developer iron out better applications easier. Talking about File systems support and features which let us deal with file system we can name the following features:

In depth tutorial on managing ZFS Datasets

Introduction ZFS pools provide us with the underlying storage with which we can create files and directories inside it right after we create it. But OpenSolaris and ZFS provides more than that by introducing ZFS datasets… In this recipe we will work on top of a zfs pool named fpool and the default root pool named rpool. So before continuing on this recipe we should have a pool named fpool created.